Naked Cakes: Organic Designs For A Green Wedding

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Naked Cakes: Organic Designs For A Green Wedding

Many green brides are also health-conscious brides, and as mounting evidence (like the new documentary Fed Up) shows, sugar is one of the most addictive and destructive food additives in our society's daily diet. If you want the beauty of a towering multi-tier wedding cake without a ton of frosting, a "naked cake" could be the perfect solution. To make a naked cake even greener, ask your baker to use organic ingredients and free-range eggs.

naked cakes with organic berries are perfect for a green wedding

naked ombre wedding cakes

texture can be added to a naked cake with chocolate chips

naked cake with marshmallow layers instead of frosting

Colorful naked wedding cakes with patterns baked right in

named cakes can be topped with powdered sugar to create a lace effect

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