In-N-Out Burger President Opens Up

Lynsi Torres is the president of In-N-Out Burger, the California-based burger chain with a rabid following. At just 30 years old, she's the youngest billionaire in the country, loves race car driving, is intensely private, and just happened to give a very rare interview with the Orange County Register last week.

Torres inherited the company at age 24 after the death of her grandmother Esther Snyder, who founded the company with husband Harry Snyder in 1948, as well as her uncle and father, whom the company passed to before her. Since then, In-N-Out has experienced an annual growth rate of about 6 percent, with 281 stores in five states.

"I had no idea In-N-Out was going to fall on my lap as soon as it did," she told the newspaper.

All In-N-Out locations are in the South and on the West Coast, and the reason for that is because all the food is prepared fresh daily (none of the restaurants have freezers or microwaves), so all locations need to be near the two distribution centers, which are in Southern California and Dallas.

"Our focus [is] on quality. I think the customers really respect that," Torres added.

Another major reason why the company hasn't experienced explosive growth is because they refuse to franchise operations like other fast-food companies have. This allows them to maintain complete control over every aspect of the In-N-Out experience, just the way Torres wants it.

"We're not changing things like many other companies do," she said. "That's kept us unique; it's kept the customers feeling like we're not a sellout."

So unfortunately for those who don't live near one of these fabled burger joints, especially for those on the East Coast, you won't be getting an In-N-Out anytime soon. Fortunately for those who do live close to an outpost, the quality of the food served won't be going down any time soon either.