Đền Ngọc Sơn

Temple, Historic Site
Đảo Ngọc (Cầu Thê Húc)
Hoàn Kiếm, Thành Phố Hà Nội


  • A romantic half bridge leading to the temple provides the best picture-perfect background to Hoan Kiem.
  • A good location for picture taking overlooking the streets across the lake.
  • A very romantic place to ask your girl to marry you! (Considered as the most romantic thing to do in Vietnam) so it Will be a definitely YES! ;-)
  • Ngy xa ch nghe t qua sch gio khoa, gi ln u mi c n thm :D
  • Se accede a la isla a travs de un precioso puente, con barandillas de color rojo, que es, probablemente, lo ms destacable del lugar. El puente se llama The Huc (Sol naciente)
  • Temple of the Jade Mountain - definitely a must visit. Located on a small island in the middle of the Hon Kim lake. Beautiful inside and out. Entry fee 30000VND, about $1.
  • A tourist trap for westerns who have never been to a temple before. Save the 30k dongs for a nice bowl of pho instead.
  • Ein schner Tempel auf einer Insel im Schwertsee. Ein Besuch lohnt sich!
  • This is usually part of the city tour. If you opt for a DIY, there's a fee to enter the place. You can take photos by the famed red bridge for souvenir.
  • v vo ca30k/ng,gim cn 15k cho sinh vin.Ban ngy & ban m u p,khch du lch nc ngoi hu nh u n y khi n thm H Ni,ban ngy ln cu thoi mi nhg ban m phi c v mi c ln cu
  • entry ticket 30.000vnd/pax,reduce to 15k/pax for student,this is must see spot for foreigner tourism when come to visit hanoi,beauty both day & night.Come here & know more Hanoi history
  • 20k VND / RM3ish entrance fee for adult
  • n lu i ngay trung tm h ni,c trng by tiu bn con ra ni ting,phong cnh hu tnh/temple romantic view connected by The Huc bridge
  • It's very nice. And it's the most beautiful with lantern from n Lng Xa at https://denlongxua.com
  • The temple is under renovation right now, so about all you get is a view of the lake.
  • Very crowded bridge
  • Nice temple. Entrance fee is 100 000