All Of April B's Fake Venues

Row 1

160 Doris Ln. (More Coming Soon!)
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Foursquare Tips

  • Bounty paper towels are best to use to wipe the chunks away from your chin. However, if you blow your nose after vomitting, you may get your dinner logged in your nostril. Trust me, I have experience.
  • SIP! don't slurp. SIP! don't slurp. SIP! don't slurp.
  • Did you promise the cows you'd write?
  • Watch out for Paula the cow, she doesn't like her nipples squeezed too hard.
  • And I got a cookie in my mouth !
  • I'll have the POACHED salmon.
  • Vomitting only induces more room for alcohol. Take a slug of my jger and chase it with redbull. Its gonna be one helluva knight.
  • Wear a helmet and a babushka cuz your curls may get whet
  • Stocking up on booze..
  • ...bow to your senai. BOW TO YOUR SENAI !!
  • I hear the gator juice is really tasty
  • Get the fresh fish tastes like clam chowder
  • Chex mix on the placenta!
  • Seats are small
  • Sticky, real sticky,