My Crown-Rio Foodservice Adds Menu Management and Profit Optimization Solutions


My Crown-Rio Foodservice Adds Menu Management and Profit Optimization Solutions

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D.C.-area business-growth marketing service adds support to help restaurateurs strengthen, refresh and revamp local restaurant menu programs

Washington, DC  (  My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting, a business-growth menu & marketing firm serving restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area, is helping local restaurateurs make the most of their menu offerings. Effective December 9, 2015, it has added local menu management and profit optimization solutions to help restaurant owners and operators stay on trend and increase the value proposition of their restaurant dishes. The membership-based restaurant consultancy, found online at, is tapping its insight into menu and dining trends and bolstering its list of business-building solutions for DC-area restaurateurs.

As part of Trendystia MRC, My Crown-Rio Foodservice will now use a robust knowledge base and set of trend-monitoring and trend-vetting techniques to help restaurants in D.C., Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland, create, deploy or refresh menu programs for success. My Crown-Rio Foodservice is also adding a profit optimization program, helping independent, single- and multi-unit operators save money through purchasing analysis, supplier & distributor negotiations and food cost validation.

“Restaurateurs in D.C. are elevating the food & guest experience and making the the city and its suburbs food destinations like at no previous time,” says Rick Zambrano. My Crown-Rio Foodservice principal. “Restaurateurs here are interested in bringing the freshest ingredients and most appealing menu items to customers whether in a fine-dining, casual-dining or fast-casual restaurant setting.”

“These owners succeed when they have the right mix of analysis, recommendations and guidance to increase their profitability. The highly accessible menu management and profit optimization programs we are now offering are an effective support system and profit-building set of tools.”

These menu management and profit optimization programs add to My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting’s integrated business-growth solutions that are based on comprehensive marketing tactics and services, including marketing plan creation, email marketing, social selling and local-market business development.

To read about My Crown-Rio Foodservice’s complete portfolio of services and options, view the web page: To learn more about its new menu-management services, click over to

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My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting provides an integrated sales and profitability growth solution that combines the best of marketing & menu advisory for the benefit of Washington, D.C.-area restaurateurs looking to build their businesses. The membership-based consultancy’s accessible marketing programs and affordable rates make it a top choice for independent, single- and multi-unit restaurant operators in the D.C., Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland neighborhoods. Email marketing, digital marketing, loyalty marketing and social selling are just some of the services in My Crown-Rio Foodservice’s membership levels. My Crown-Rio Foodservice is part of Trendystia MRC, based in Rockville, Md., and an allied member of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. Learn more about My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting at, on Facebook, Google+ or slideshare.

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