Mutt Mugging: The Next LOL Cat?

We love this steamy Instagram trend
Adorable Dogs

Adorable Dogs

For most, coffee is an essential ingredient needed to make every morning bearable. But what if you could have your coffee with a side of puppy? We’d be all about it! The Instagram trend that hit in early January features posters’ pups sweetly faux-posing in coffee mugs.[related]These adorable dogs are all over the public sphere and some of them couldn’t be any cuter. Check out these sweet puppies perfectly posed in a morning cup-of-joe. If you have your own, hit us up on Instagram or even on Twitter @thedailymeal and share your #muttmuggin photo today!

The Main Idea
So basically, this is what #muttmuggin looks like.

Inception Puppy
It’s a French Bulldog inside a French Bulldog. Blown away.

Latte Love
Um, ok. We’re done. This is too adorable. The dollop of whip is just too much cuteness to handle. 

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