Mug Shot of George Zimmerman Made of Skittles

A Denver artist fashioned the portrait out of 12,000 candies

The Skittles candy has been pushed to the forefront of the Trayvon Martin shooting case, and it's only gaining more traction. One Denver artist has used the newly symbolic candy to recreate the likeness of George Zimmerman, the shooter now held on charges of second-degree murder.

Andy Bell's creation, titled "Fear Itself," is now on display in the RedLine Gallery in downtown Denver. Bell made the portait using 12,500 Skittles, covered in varnish on plywood. RedLine's executive director, PJ D’Amico, described the artwork to the Denver Post as a "crazy, terribly beautiful piece."

The motivation behind the artwork was to raise awareness about the case, Bell said. However, he said he wasn't trying to condemn Zimmerman with the artwork, only to start a conversation between both sides of the controversial shooting. Said Bell to the Denver Post, "It’s a symbol of what happens when you let fear rule your life."