MTV Working on Food TV Show with Eddie Huang

The reality TV station (what happened to the music videos?) has two new food shows in the works

MTV is getting in on the food reality show business, snagging Eddie Huang to host.

Even MTV is getting in on the food shows (albeit belatedly); Variety reports that MTV is debuting three new television shows next year, two of which are food shows.

Eddie Huang, the ever-busy mind behind New York City's Baohaus (who already starred in a VICE series and is working on his second book) will be hosting "Snackdown," a cooking competition with amateur chefs. "The halfhour strip features amateur chefs battling it out in an array of snack-inspired challenges for a cash prize and spot in the 'Snackdown' cookbook," Variety reports; basically, snacks go highbrow. Huang, along with model Chrissy Teigen (what's she doing there?), and chef Jason Quinn of California's Playground have also signed on to judge.

The second food show also falls under the food competition umbrella; in "House of Food," aspiring young chefs gallivant around Los Angeles to learn from "noted culinary honchos" to compete for an "apprenticeship of a lifetime." The hour-long show not only showcases the actual competition, but also behind-the-scenes at the contestant house, much like Project Runway, we gather.


Both shows are set to debut next year, along with a third new reality show called the "Untitled Virgins Project," featuring young virgins across the countries. Makes sense; food and sex have always been big topics. Now we just have to find a show that combines the two (oh wait. There is one).