Mt. Manitou Incline Base

Trail, Mountain
11 Hydro St
Manitou Springs, CO 80829


  • You can do it! Push forward. You'll make it to the top.
  • Go early in the am... not just to avoid the crowds, but to avoid being baked to the steps by the sun. 9 am is TOO LATE of a start!
  • Must be here before 7am if you want to park in the lot at the base. After 7 just park in town and take the shuttle back up.
  • Serious uphill stair climb. One of the highest 14ers in the state. Fantastic workout.
  • This month is the perfect weather to tackle this beast!
  • Never give up!
  • Do this hike if you want awesome legs/butt! ;)
  • Going straight up 2000 feet in less than a mile of hiking. Hydrate yo'self!
  • NEVER go down the incline!!! Too steep, shaly slick, and dangerous to go down! Slipping & falling WILL occur if you don't listen to THIS advice..Sign says this same thing at the bottom of the climb!
  • Visitors had it a little easier in 1952
  • Visitors in 1952 had it a little easier
  • Easily one of the toughest cardio endeavors I've ever experienced. The Incline is a mile high staircase up the mountain. Baby steps, take your time, bring water, take breaks, and go down the Barr.
  • Amazing workout. Bring lots of water and take lots of pictures. Hike up the incline and then use the hiking trail to get back down. Parking near the base is $5.
  • Best day of my life! The incline is tough but the other climbers encourage you to keep going and motivate you! Take your time, going down is the best part! Jog it but watch out for rocks & branches
  • Good place to exercise, see nature, great view of colorado springs and good place to meet people.
  • Pace yourself and you'll have a good experience
  • Please stay well hydrated throughout the climb. And have a lot of energy bars. You will feel pale and have sickness if you don't munch on energy bars and drink water regularly.
  • Slow and steady. Left, right, left, right.
  • Don't go , you'll die stepping
  • Don't over exert yourself!!!

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Manitou Springs, CO 80829
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