Movie-Inspired Cake: 'Sharknado' Cake

Since the movie 'Sharknado' isn’t bizarre enough, Charm City Cakes created it in cake form — just in time for Shark Week

Duff Goldman goofing off with his Sharknado cake tribute made by him and his Charm City Cake team.

The so-bad-it’s-so-good made-for-television disaster film about a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and sends them ripping through Los Angeles, Sharknado, has everyone talking. According to a New York Post report, the movie, which originally aired on Syfy July 11, had people talking at 5,000 tweets per minute and took the world of social media by storm. And now, it's making waves in the world of baking as well.

In keeping with its cult following, the Syfy original movie has even found its place among the world of cakes: Duff Goldman and his team at Charm City Cakes created a Sharknado cake tribute. The cake, which seems to defy physics, is a shiny tornado spawning a bloodthirsty Great White shark. Goldman even had fun with the cake by posing and crouching on the floor.

Although we usually shy away from inviting disaster into your kitchen, for this particular edible, fish-filled natural disaster, we will make an exception!


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