Mount Snow Main Base Lodge

Ski Area
39 Mount Snow Rd
West Dover, VT 05356
(800) 245-7669


  • Waffle with hot rum anyone?
  • hallo...bouzz..?
  • If you eat lunch after 1pm and you can't find a seat. Head downstairs and eat in the "secret lunch room" - its where ski school eats, but it's totally empty cause those lil whippa snappas eat early!
  • sulit sulit sulit
  • Stick around Cuzzins on Saturday and you'll be treated to a surprise. Bruce Jacques rocks the house with classic tunes and fresh covers. The crowd goes wild.
  • So so cold!
  • Try a Bacon cheeseburger. They are to die for!
  • Yahoooooo...
  • gjl;onbyrrsyhl/
  • Actually just parking lot ghetto camping and pissing off the local rent a cops
  • Get the roni at Tony's!
  • drinking some beer w/ 3 others
  • Kona porter = very tasty!
  • The burritos are made to order. They make a great lunch on a cold day.
  • If you don't try a hot buttered rum, you are going to regret it.
  • try a waffle... it will change you
  • You can almost always find a parking space just behind the MOOver bus stops if you look carefully.
  • Make sure to hit The North Face--you can "blue" 'committed' trail to "chute" if u can hang, or suicide down double black diamond "ripcord"
  • brrrrr....dingin yaaaaak ??
  • Free bag check in the back.

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