Most Ridiculous Food Products That Aren’t Food

And by ridiculous, we mean totally awesome and essential to living life as a food lover

Yep. We’d rock any of these as clothes or home decor.

Pizza Bedspread

Claire Manganiello, a Brooklyn-based freelance art director, dreamt up this adorable and delicious pizza bedspread.


Ham Leg Pillow

Who wouldn’t want to rest their head on a ham leg pillow? This Etsy artist has a thing for deli meat pillows; check out their other creations like the pepper salami pillow and the blood sausage bolster.

Burger Studs

Thanks to this Etsy shop, your special someone will be nibbling on your ear for a whole other reason.

Fried Egg Clock

Wake up to breakfast in a way you never thought possible.

Cupcake Candles

Guests will be disappointed they can’t eat these up.

Sushi Phone Case

Because who doesn’t love a phone that looks like food?