The Morristown Green

South St (at Morris St)
Morristown, NJ 07960


  • Awesome little green area in the center of Morristown that is great for people watching - perfect for taking a picnic lunch. Beautiful decorations around the winter holidays, too.
  • Visit the hanging tree. Well, the tree is gone, but if you walk to the corner of the park by Bambergers (Century 21) on a moon lit night, you can see where they hung criminals during the revolution
  • There's always events here like jazz festivals and music, etc. Check the schedule.
  • Food Stand Video.
  • If the Morristown PD really wanted to raise revenue, they'd ticket everyone who didn't signal when driving through town.
  • Whoever jumps on the horse statue and takes a photo wins the contest
  • Perfect place to grab a hot dog and relax on a sunny day.
  • Watch out for the ruffians at night.
  • Great to watch a movie on a blanket with the family on a warm summer night
  • Sitting in the Green on warm night relaxing is a great way to enjoy good company and not have to spend a lot of money.
  • love playing chess while sipping Muscle Maker Grill's smoothie. Oh yes, they delivered my lunch at the park coz i dint wanna leave my chess game! try muscle maker good!!
  • I like cats
  • Have a hot-dog and visit the hanging tree. Well, that's long gone, but revel in the fact that the green was once the location of the courthouse and the hanging tree!
  • Beautiful park to hang out
  • Festival on the green
  • Don't eat the brown mushrooms!
  • Sadly Mo-Town is no longer a shopping worthy local. This Century 21 has outdated product with slow turnover and the handful of other stores are for tacky 40-something housewives.
  • relaxing and happening place
  • Don't swim in fountain - too much chlorine according to maintenance guy.
  • Great park. Jazz festival today - august 20

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