The Morning-After Basket

What to do if you forgot to get a Valentine's Day gift
Forgetful Valentine

Keep this in your back pocket for Valentine's Day!

It isn't that you are thoughtless. You were just so wrapped up in the glory of your love that you forgot to get a gift this Valentine's Day for your sweetie.

We don't want you to forget, so it may be worth it to start planning now. However, you are welcome to use this line in the event that this is you come February 15th, and you can smooth it over with a fool-proof gift. Petrossian has created the "Morning-After Basket" to help forgetful lovers smooth over their absent-mindedness. Order this artisanal basket on the evening of the 14th and you are guaranteed to receive it the next morning, like you planned the gift all along! Inspired by the romantic Parisian theme, Petrossian packed the gift basket with everything to make your honey forget the evening before's blunder.

Morning-After Basket Includes

•  One tin of Petrossian Caviar (variety of sizes/kinds available)
•  Orange Almond Currant Cake - 10 to 12 oz.
•  Java Single Estate Arabica Coffee - 8 oz. ground coffee
•  Melt-in-your-mouth Almond Cookies - 16 pieces
•  Aromatic Orange-Scented Sugar - 8 oz.
•  Bar of Nougat au chocolat with hints of zesty orange peel -100g
•  Cassis Coulis - 6.5 oz. jar
•  Velvety Chocolate and Pecan Syrup for delectable dipping and drizzling - 8 oz.

Try not to forget this great last minute option!

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