More Mid-Week Menu Moves

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More Mid-Week Menu Moves

Burger-joint menu R&D just never takes a holiday. Here’s some of what’s happening:

Wendy’s confirmed what readers knew last week: It has introduced its Spicy Sriracha Chicken sandwich plus Bacon Sriracha Fries. Marketing is all about sriracha: The sandwich has a sriracha-infused bun; there is a bit of sriracha aïoli on the burger; and there is sriracha-Jack cheese for extra bite.

The Bacon Sriracha Fries are menued at $1.99; the company hasn’t said what the suggested price for the burger is (it will be officially announced next week), but it had been $5.19 in some tests.


Another trend spotted for readers was the explosive growth in the popularity of tater tots. And here now comes Burger King, bringing back the Cheesy Tots side. These “bite-sized combinations of warm potatoes and melty cheese inside with a crispy outside” are priced at $1.99 for an 8-piece order.


McDonald’s Australia has a new potato side dish of its own: Loaded Fries with Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream.


What can I say? This made me laugh. Another Australian burger chain—Burger Urge—has introduced a new sandwich it shamelessly calls “Frying Nemo.” It’s a tempura-battered barramundi filet with crunch slaw, melted American cheese (cheese on fish?), pickles and chili-lime aïoli.


And it wouldn’t be right to talk about menu R&D without noting the death is week of Jim Delligatti, the Pittsburgh McDonald’s franchisee who created the Big Mac in 1967. The chain took his creation national the following year. He never divulged his recipe for Big Mac sauce, but did to see the advent of the Sriracha Mac Sauce, now in test.

Jim Delligatti was 98.