MOOYAH Opportunities Await in Tennessee, South Carolina


MOOYAH Opportunities Await in Tennessee, South Carolina

Development agent Dick Ren sees potential in key markets.

MOOYAH Opportunities Await in Tennessee, South Carolina(  For more than 30 years, Dick Ren has been immersed in the franchising industry. From being a franchise owner to helping locate markets for brands, he has experienced the nuances that lead to both business owner and brand success.

For nearly three years, Ren has served as a development agent with MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes. He serves the Tennessee and South Carolina markets where he works with residents to help pinpoint ideal growth opportunities. When it comes to the “better burger brand,” Ren said there are plenty of reasons to explore opportunities with MOOYAH.

“I think MOOYAH offers several unique opportunities. It’s a proven better burger concept with well-defined systems to support business owners,” he said. “The core of the brand is their family-centric theme, and what entrepreneur wouldn’t want to key in on offering families and the community that experience.”

Currently, Ren said he sees Nashville, Tennessee and Columbia, South Carolina as potentially lucrative opportunities for MOOYAH locations.

“Both are underserved markets with diverse retail space that provides both new owner and current multi-unit franchisee opportunities to diversify their business,” Ren said. “Because of MOOYAH’s proven system, people interested in being first-time business owners can feel comfortable in their first franchise venture.”

Looking ahead in Tennessee, he said Knoxville presents an opportunity to add more locations with an existing presence in the city. Meanwhile, Memphis and Chattanooga are attractive options for development as well.

“Realistically, the whole state is open for the right franchise partners. I believe the state can easily handle another 10 to 12 locations,” he said. “With the music scene and a professional football team in Nashville, and the continued growth throughout Tennessee, I believe the state can easily handle another 10 to 12 locations.”

As for South Carolina, Ren said Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Florence and Charleston are ideal locations for the MOOYAH brand to establish a presence.

“The brand is growing at a nice, consistent level, and is going to continue to flourish. Now is a really good time to get in on the ground floor opportunity with MOOYAH,” he said. “Franchises work because they’re a proven system—they’re a low-risk business model.”