Momofuku Milk Bar

Row 1

360 Smith St (at 2nd Pl)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(347) 577-9504
Desserts, Bakery, Coffee Shop
$ $
Mon–Sun: 7:00 AM–10:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • David Chang's Thanksgiving croissant: As many things Chang are: rich, strong in flavor and a little odd. Also a bit greasy. Overall I thought it was really good but happy I went splitty splitty on it.
  • Love breakfast, but hate your arteries? Chow down on a pork bun + poached egg the next time you feel like pigging out.
  • Pretzel shake!
  • The normally sloppy ingredients for a Reuben neatly tucked into a delicious Rye croissant. What more could you ask for? Makes for a great, if not indulgent, breakfast.
  • I just hid a ready-to-redeem 'Buy 9 get 1 free drink' card somewhere inside this Milkbar. Find it and have that 10th drink on me! ;o)
  • Whacky flavors of soft serve, sweet cake balls, and fat, chewy cookies are the hallmarks of this bakery.
  • I don't want to buy a cookie in a cellophane wrapper. It bums me out.
  • Cereal milk shake. Oh boy.
  • Pork buns and crack pie, ya huh
  • Look for the chalk wording on the sidewalk as the only sign your here. Cereal Milk with crunch and compost cookie for the road.
  • Compost Cookies are unassuming and totally amazing. Don't underestimate how impressive the flavors and textures of a simple-looking cookie can be. Looks are absolutely deceiving. Delish!
  • If you're getting a pastry and a drink make sure to make it a lunch special to save a few bucks AND get an extra cookie
  • Try their cereal or pretzel milkshakes : original and tasty. If you are even more courageous, try their "fancy" milkshakes, with bourbon and vodka :)
  • If you liked Cap'n Crunch as a kid you'll probably love the corn cookie. It's delish!
  • Birthday cake truffles. That's all.
  • They actually have free wifi here - so you can grab some Internet with those birthday cake truffles!
  • Blueberry Cream Cookie.
  • The pork bun is different than the city version. It's closer (but far inferior) to the ones you'll find in Chinatown. Except, here it's $8 plus tax and tip instead of $0.25. No, just no!
  • The birthday cake cookies are great. They are a little bit doughy and delicious for being so.
  • Chocolate Klossie cookie is super chocolatey and brownie like