The Mommy Shorts Remarkably ABOVE Average Book Party

The Mommy Shorts Remarkably ABOVE Average Book Party


I’ll never forget when I first met Ilana. It was almost 6 years ago, when our kids were in the same preschool class that we met. We hadn’t said one word to each other for the first 5 months of our kids first school year. We’d both drop the kids at school and run off to work. It wasn’t until this big gala that the school held where we started chatting over cocktails and hors d’ouerves. It was the usual conversation…you know…so what do you do? When she told me that she used to work in advertising, got let go after having Mazzy and then started a mom blog…I thought a mom blog? Hmph. I wasn’t overly impressed. She told me the name of her site and I ran to the bathroom to check her out.


Turned out…she was way more than a mom blogger. She was a hilarious, sarcastic, marketing genius. I think she probably thought I fell into the toilet because I was immediately addicted to reading her blog and spent quite some time checking her out before heading back into the party.

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