A Modest Proposal for All Day Breakfast

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A Modest Proposal for All Day Breakfast

The launch of All Day Breakfast (ADB) gave McDonal’s Corp. a 5.7% boost in same-store sales during 2015’s final quarter, and 2016’s Q1 was still strong with a 5.4% same-store jump. But as the company prepares to announces Q2 earnings tomorrow (July 26) The Street already is fretting that the bloom is off the ADB rose, speculating that comp sales will diminish through year-end, especially in Q4 when McDonald’s laps the ADB introduction, even if it does, as planned expand the ADB menu to 15 items.

Writing on Seeking Alpha, Reuben Gregg Brewer suggests, “McDonald’s U.S. business was in a funk until it introduced all-day breakfast. That was about a year ago, which means it’s getting close to the time when McDonald’s will need a second act. Only the second act looks a lot like the first one, which isn’t very inspiring.” Later in his article he asks the billion-dollar question: “But here’s the problem: what’s next?”

It’s a fair—and widely asked—question. How does McDonald’s keep interest in and sales from ADB growing?

Below are 12 answers from the breakfast menus of McDonald’s operations in foreign countries. The chain could import one or two. But a more interesting idea would be to use them all and create a 12-month “Breakfast Tastes of the World” menu promotion, with a different breakfast LTO each month. McDonald’s regularly does “Tastes of America” menu series elsewhere, so why shouldn’t it use its own idea and its global menu here?

I realize many McDonald’s franchisees would be apoplectic at the thought of having to train crews on something new each month, but if sales go up they’ll be fine with the plan. Will this require an enormous number of SKUs in the pantry? OK, maybe. However, I’m avoiding disruptive, non-drive-thru items like Hong Kong’s Sausage N’ Egg Twisty Pasta. Each of these items is successfully prepared by McDonald’s crew members somewhere, so it shouldn’t be impossible to do.

Three years ago I offered “A Dozen Menu Items McDonald’s Could Import Now” and McDonald’s didn’t import a single one of them, so I’m prepared for the company to ignore me again. But these days you’re great if you just say you’re great, so here are 12 great suggested items for a year-long “Breakfast Tastes of the World” promotion for McDonald’s USA.

McD_NZ_MassiveMcMuffin400Massive McMuffin from New Zealand
Go BIG right out of the promotional gate. Give people something to talk about, and hey, everyone likes New Zealand. The build: two sausage patties, bacon strips, freshly cracked egg, slice of cheese and ketchup (OK, that’s optional) on a toasted English muffin.

McD_Germany_McMuffin Fresh Chicken400Fresh Chicken McMuffin from Germany
Is there a chicken item on the ADB menu now? No. Should there be? Yes. The build: Crispy breaded chicken, spicy cheese, crisp lettuce and tomatoes with a mild sauce.

McD_Poland_EggDeluxe400Kaiser Roll Egg Deluxe from Poland
“The day begins with ‘tasty,’” says merchandising for this combination of pork, egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce and mustard sauce.

McD_Canada_McEggLTEgg LT Bagel from Canada
Just when the choices start to get a little exotic, bring it all back down to earth with something homey and familiar from our friends in Canada. The build: A fluffy egg, sliced tomato, crisp lettuce, and a slice of processed Cheddar cheese, served on choice of a regular or multigrain bagel.

McD_Sweden_HamCreamCheese400Turkey and Cream Cheese Breakfast Sandwich from Sweden
The Swedes love the breakfast deli sandwich so why wouldn’t Americans? We love smoked meats! The build: Smoked turkey, cream cheese, crispy lettuce and sun-ripened tomato.

McD_Aussie_BBQ Brekkie Roll400Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll from Australia
Fun to say; fun to eat; and a different flavor profile to start the day. The build: Two sizzling sausage patties, bacon, cheese, creamy mayo and barbecue sauce sandwiched in a fresh roll.

McD_Swiss_Beef GourmetMcMuffinBeef Gourmet McMuffin from Switzerland
Boom! We rev up the second half of the year-long promotion with what everyone wants: a breakfast burger. The build: Beef patty, cheese, lettuce and creamy sauce. Done.

McD_SoKorea_RioOmeletMuffin400Rio Omelet McMuffin from South Korea
It’s an omelet, which is different, and it’s new because it arrives just in time for the Summer Olympics. The build: two scrambled eggs with “assorted vegetables” and cheese on an English muffin.

McD_Austria_CountryMMuffin400Country McMuffin from Austria
A little bit country, a little bit rock ’n roll, with pork two ways. Can’t miss. Merchandised as “like morning exercise –at least for the taste buds.” The build: Juicy pork, melting cheese, sandwich sauce and a big load of bacon.”

McD_Croatia_McMrningDuoMcMorning (Pork or Chicken) from Croatia
Surprise! A double play for Month 10 of “Breakfast Tastes of the World.” The pork version also has Rösti (a potato-onion fritter), two strips of bacon, melted Cheddar, tomato, lettuce and creamy “Deluxe Sauce.” Choose chicken and you get two breaded patties, Cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and that mayo-based Deluxe Sauce.

McD_Egypt_McFalafelMcFalafel from Egypt
Some hip, millennial-friendly foods here. A breakfast burrito yes, but so much more trendy. The build: Three pieces of falafel garnished with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, pickles and tahini sauce, all wrapped inside a freshly baked tortilla.

McD_UK_DoubleSausage Egg McM400Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin from the UK
The “Breakfast Tastes of the World” promotion brexits almost where it began, with a small twist on an iconic friend.. The build: Two pork sausage patties, lightly seasoned with herbs, with a free range egg and a cheese slice.

All Day Breakfast is saved.