Moda Center

Stadium, Basketball, Hockey
1 N Center Court St
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 235-8771


  • Welcome to Rip City. Hope you brought ear plugs, cause the crowd here gets LOUD for its Blazers.
  • Avoid parking's a yank!! Ride max or park a few blocks away and walk
  • Blazers take a 30 point lead. Then, the Chalupa curse.
  • Great energy here!
  • Home of the most die-hard NBA fans in the nation! RIP CITY, Baby!
  • Leaving the game early to beat traffic proves you're not a real fan
  • Top Dining Options: Schonley's Place located at the 100-level concourse, outside Section 101.
  • There is a Shell gas station on Broadway and Williams Avenue. Park one block North. Free street parking and a brief three block walk saves a lot of money & time. Thank me later!
  • One of the best concert venues in Portland. Also, go Blazers!
  • Get connected to free wifi.. Blazers for the win
  • During a popular event like a Blazers Game, parking is a nightmare. Take MAX Light Rail for best results. (Although the trains are usually stuffed afterward too)
  • Sit in the nose bleeds and see the real fans at work! Bingo Bango Bongo Baby!
  • Where the magic happens! :)
  • At the Portland Rose Garden do not park on the 7th level of the parking garage - it's like the 7th level of hell, you'll never escape!!
  • The junior blazer dancers got me feeling some typa way.
  • Who is your favorite Blazer ever? Have an answer before sitting down. These are probably the most dedicated and knowledgeable NBA fans you'll find.
  • Not a bad seat in the house. Don't park in the parking garages, it's a nightmare getting out. Eat before you come. Wear your Blazer gear! Best fans in the NBA! RIP CITY!!!
  • Cheer HARD for the Blazers no matter what the score is!
  • Preview of every Blazers game + several ticket giveaways during the season @
  • Super nachos super suck

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