Mitsuwa Marketplace

Row 1

595 River Rd (at Archer St)
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 941-9133
Supermarket, Grocery Store, Food Court
Mon–Sun: 9:30 AM–9:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • Little Japan experience without across the ocean..
  • Excellent, comprehensive Japanese market with plenty of food to eat on-site.
  • Go to Santoka Ramen and order the special melty pork. Top it off with a green tea/sesame soft serve ice cream from the tea stall.
  • good eating and shopping
  • Try the sesame soft serve ice cream & green tea ice cream from the tea stall. Otherworldly :)
  • Oh, and you cannot leave without trying their green tea soft ice cream from Tea's Tea stand. It is simply amazing. The black sesame soft ice cream is also very good. Must have!!
  • Little secret. Drive around back and there is a parking lot off to the left. Sometimes it's easier to park there and it's close to the back entrance into the food court. Usually this is true at night.
  • Try the yummy Green Tea Ice Cream! It will make you poop 4 hours later. That's how anti-oxidants work! :)
  • Santoka Spicy Miso Ramen is the best!!!! Don't leave without trying any of the ice cream at the tea stand!! All omg amazing!
  • enjoy a glimpse into Japanese literature & periodicals at the annex across the walkway. be inspired.
  • Black sesame ice cream. Trust me!
  • Great Japanese market with grocery, food court, and events throughout the year. Delicious ramen and yummy Taiyaki. Check out the Mochi pounding festival in January and the Summer festival in August.
  • Can't beat this super market over any other Asian market. Hands down best place to go on weekends.
  • Good luck getting a table at the food court on Sundays :/ but Santoka is the where the food is at :D
  • Just because you're at a Japanese good festival doesn't mean you have to show your weeaboo colors.
  • Fresh sashimi from the groceries section ready to eat! Great green tea and black sesame soft serve at matcha love.
  • Go for your hard to find Japanese ingredients. They have awesome hamachi on sale if you keep a lookout. Omusubi riceballs is now all year round here too!
  • Best rice balls!!!
  • Try the Tuna Onigiri from the grocery it's not Omusubi but it does the job :)
  • Try to make it on the days that they have food festivals! Delicious food.