Mister Softee Truck

Food Truck, Desserts, Ice Cream


  • Yummmy good!
  • Chocolate Milk Shake. Nuff Said.
  • Chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream is the best thing ever
  • Get the Spongebob or Choco Taco for a treat.
  • get the soft serve cone. classic!
  • Feeling of nostalgia
  • My favorite thing on there is a traditional ice cream... Honey I have a long time and it still are the best
  • Soft serve ice cream at an affordable price. The ice cream isn't too terribly cold; great for people with sensitive teeth. Catch the ice cream truck!
  • The ice cream is probably full of chemicals, but man, is it delicious on a hot day. Twist cone forever.
  • Always on the street when you need a sweet pick-me-up!
  • The soft serve isn't actually cold.
  • Soft served ice cream on the move! You gotta catch this guy!
  • Get the swirl. Chocolate and vanilla with sprinkles if course.
  • It's Mister softer sure there's fancier ice cream to be had but it will never replace the Merlin in my heart.
  • Ice cream trucks bring me back to my childhood. It is great having one right outside the office. I can be a kid every day!
  • Its 39 degrees out and you're on my block! Winning!
  • Great prices when the Russkie drops the ball
  • No more Dora explorer :(
  • The dude gave me a special tonight. Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Strawberries and Bananas in a Milk Shake. Pretty banging. Still like the Chocolate better though.
  • Ziggys Wagon -Times Square

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