Mirch Masala

$ $
R2-7/F Island Beverley 1 Great George Street


  • Nowhere does it say it's cash only. Mediocre food, even worse service - in an entirely empty restaurant no less! Mango lassi is passable, but overpriced. Come only for set lunch (if you dare).
  • Very small portion, overpriced. Main entries are smaller than an appetizer. Had better indian at Ebineezers.
  • Waitress was rude for putting a bill on our table before we even called for it and asked that we paid immediately as people were waiting outside!small portion, overpriced, taste= so-so. NEVER AGAIN!!!
  • Pretty authentic Indian fare... the spice level isnt toned down for local tastes, so it has the kick you expect! Lamb biryani was spot on, and Dahi puri was just right too.
  • Food was a super food value especially for lunch
  • The chicken vindaloo is a must!