Minyard Sun Fresh Market

Row 1

3524 McKinney Ave (at Lemmon Ave)
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 528-0356
Mon–Sun: 6:00 AM–1:00 AM

Foursquare Tips

  • At 9:30 the Starbucks gives away their cake! And by gives away I mean lightly sets it at the top of the trash can. FREE CAKE!
  • Exactly what you would expect for an uptown grocery store
  • The "see and be seen" type of grocery store. Don't go in your PJ's.
  • Worst grocery store layout I've ever been in. Narrow aisles and stuff is hard to find. Won't be back.
  • This place is a meat market on Sundays. And I don't mean literally.
  • A large beer & wine section with a bar in store to fill growlers
  • Good for basics, but you won't step out of your comfort level.
  • Avoid this store if you can
  • No hot dudes during the day. Just elderlies and cab drivers.
  • They are putting a Starbucks in the store. This could be very dangerous.
  • Cashiers will laugh at you and give you condescending looks for using coupons and reusable bags...happens every time I shop here
  • The BoA isn't here anymore. Just an ATM.
  • Slow check outs and the lay out isn't great. I do not recommend this store for your weekly shopping.
  • How 'bout all those pretty people...and yes the mangoes
  • Don't bother trying to buy stuff that's on sale, they'll be out.
  • I like the suburb stores better, and Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are better choices and just as close....
  • Fino, organizado y limpio!
  • not enough cashier's working. :(

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