Minuteman Commuter Bikeway

Trail, Other Outdoors
Loomis St (South Rd)
Bedford, MA 01730


  • During commuter hour it feel like a highway of bicycle and pedestrians accept without the traffic jams. I love it.
  • Continue down Railroad Ave to the parking lot on the left. A dirt trail/rail line there leads to Concord, MA.
  • Traffic really thins out the farther you go.
  • Currently under construction in some areas. Proceed with caution!
  • Gorgeous bike trial.
  • This 10-mile rail trail roughly tracks Paul Revere's famous ride (hence the name) and connects the Greater Boston towns of Cambridge, Lexington, Arlington and Bedford.
  • Ineed a headset for my chrome 2.0

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South Rd (Loomis St)
1707 Massachusetts Ave (at Edison Way)