Minnetonka Man’s Website Tracks Products As Prices Fall

Minnetonka Man’s Website Tracks Products As Prices Fall

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - As we get closer to Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, a lot of us are scrambling to find the best deals.

That often means searching through different flyers and store websites.

But a Minnetonka man says he can do all the work for you and save you money in the end.

It’s called TrackIf, and it’s the brainchild of Doug Berg.

“We’re saving our users over $10 million a month already by just alerting them when things go on sale,” he said.

The website tracks more than 4 million products at over 2,000 shopping sites.

You enter the product you want and TrackIf lets you know when and where it’s on sale.

If you don’t like the price, it sends you alerts when the price drops even lower.

“It’s a way to create a personal, digital flyer of the web, but it’s based on what you want instead of getting sent a ton of junk,” Berg said.

Berg said his website finds shoppers ten times more sales than a simple flyer.

He said TrackIf also shows whether or not a sale is legitimate.

It keeps track of the last three months of a product’s price history.

“So I can see when it’s gone on sale and the rhythms by which it goes on sale, so I don’t have to have this Black Friday urgency most of the time,” he said. “I can see, ‘This thing goes on sale every three days or every five days.’”

From floor lamps, to refrigerators, to 4K tvs. Berg said his website does the shopping for you by saving valuable time and needless spam.

“Most of our users get so much junk email every day–all of the noise, all of the marketing deals,” he said. “With TrackIf, you don’t need any of that anymore.”

Berg said he launched Trackif in 2013, and they had a half-million users in the first year.