Mineral Beach

Miẕpé Shalem, Aḑ Ḑaffah al Gharbīyah


  • I recommend going into the sea then doing a mud rub followed by another float in the sea and rinse. Don't taste the water!! It's 40% salt! (You will naturally float in the water.)
  • Der beste Strand am Toten Meer
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  • Yes its a tourist hole, that's who goes. Bring or rent a towel, cash for a locker (which 2 people can share), soap/shampoo for shower after. Throwaway flip flops recommended to protect your feet.
  • Tourist stop but still good as the Dead Sea is the best place on earth
  • Hot beach.. Better swimming on the afternoon.. Noted:If u want to swim :p
  • Fabolous and relaxing place
  • Crape place
  • Neglected, not worth it.
  • Palestine???
  • Don't get the water in your eyes. Best not to put your head under the water!
  • Best Dead Sea beach, vast facilities, clean and peacefully situated.
  • You must definitely read the swimming instructions: more than 15 minutes could be dangerous and remember, water should never touch your eyer or hair.
  • Wear flip flops when heading down to the water!
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  • Bring water shoes or flip flops and bring your own towel or if you rent from there, get two, since they are rather small.
  • Run down. Tourist trap. Better to come early morning or late afternoon when it's quieter