Mind-Blowing Nacho Plates

Your nacho map of America
Saucy Porka

Go for the gold by ordering nachos at one of these five eateries.

The Commodore: Brooklyn, New York


The Cadillac Nachos plate is, well, the Cadillac of nachos. This massive plate of nachos is layered with salsa, delicious white queso, jalapeños, and radishes.

Tinga: Los Angeles


Tinga is the L.A. hotspot that offers nachos in three varieties: the spicy cochinita pibil, moist chicken tinga, and surprisingly flavorful black bean with goat cheese. Can’t decide among the three? That’s okay, now you just have an excuse to keep coming back.

Cora’s 471 Grill: Castroville, Texas

Yelp/Chelsea M.

This place boldly bills itself as having the “best damn nachos in all of Texas,” so this is one place you need to add to your nacho bucket list. There’s the cheese, bean, or super nachos ranging from small to extra-large plates. No matter which you choose, chances are you can’t go wrong.

Saucy Porka: Chicago

Saucy Porka

The Nacho Kim is the kind of nacho plate that will blow your nacho world. These babies are topped with your choice of pork, chicken, or you can go the meatless route with scallions, kimchi, and jalapeño garlic aioli.

Taqueria Diana: New York City

Ashley L.

The nachos here are pretty spectacular. The nachos are smothered in cheese, beans, and salsa, and you’ll find they also come with shredded pork throughout. Not your style? Go for the chicken or steak nachos.