Milk & Honey Market

Row 1

4425 Baltimore Ave (at 45th St)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 387-6455

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Foursquare Tips

  • A cross between a cafe and a mini-market, this place has free Wi-Fi and large, shared tables. A great spot to sit and work for a while. The wifi password is: 0987654321
  • Joshua's green dream. So good.
  • Nice baked goods, and an expanded selection of mixers and bitters for your summer cocktails.
  • This place is such a customer service nightmare.
  • Taste test honey from Two Gander Farm and Philadelphias urban Summer in the City honey.
  • Best hot chocolate ever!
  • Cute spot with lots of local families! Everyone's very friendly; once my card was declined, and the woman behind me payed for my sandwich! Love the hummus veg sandwich. Very fresh veg!
  • This place seems to carry fewer and fewer things every day :/
  • Frozen meats and pies from local farms. Some fresh produce and eggs.
  • Quirky local products, e.g. spicy peanut butter. Nice Lancaster cheese, decent coffee.
  • If you can't find seating, walk over to Clark Park, where you can enjoy your meal on neon orange chairs and tables.
  • Fun cocktail section.
  • Get a delicious almond croissant or one of the killer artisanal sandwiches.
  • Love their caprese...and their baked goods are very tasty too!
  • The sandwiches are really good and the wifi is great, but seating is limited and the produce is not very good. They are also very expensive. I recommend the chicken pesto panini!
  • They can make any drink with almond milk and have gluten free bread/bagels. Also Joshua's green dream = money.
  • The coconut macaroons are the best!
  • I thought the customer service left something to be desired. Also they burnt my sandwich :/ disappointing
  • For local produce, honey and dairy, this little market & cafe is a beautiful gem. The Spruce Hill sandwich followed by some Bassetts ice cream is a good choice.
  • yummy bagels & scallion cream cheese! Its rare to find just scallion cream cheese. since its usually with chives.