Military Weddings Before Deployment: The Quick and Easy Eco-Friendly Celebration

Make it a memorable day with these tips

All too often, military families are faced with a quick and unexpected deployment. They may have a few weeks or a few days—precious family time when couples may decide to wed. It’s a common decision when faced with an uncertain future to cement your love and your family while you have the chance. Deployments can last for years at a time with very few opportunities for leave. Couples who want to start a family or simply start a life together are faced with the very real and frightening prospect of having to spend so much time apart. A quick wedding can help a couple cope with the separation. It is a wonderful way to send a loved one off, with hope and love in his heart. While it may feel daunting trying to plan a wedding in just a few days, there are many quick, creative, and eco-friendly ways to make it memorable, beautiful, and uniquely you.

The Backyard Barbeque

If you’re having your wedding in the summer months, a backyard barbeque is a great way to kick back, relax, celebrate, and have fun with friends and family. If you have a big backyard (or have family that does) this type of wedding takes minimal preparation. Just mow the lawn, set up some big tables, and get to partying! Barbeque food is also easy to prepare as you go so you don’t have to do a lot of the cooking beforehand. Look for locally grown, organic meat to make your BBQ wedding healthy and eco-responsible. You can have the ceremony in the backyard too—keeping everything in one place.

Military Decor

American flags are always lovely and appropriate at a military wedding. Decorate in the reds, whites, and blues of the American patriot! Use recycled paper to create paper banners to hang from trees or from the side of a building or fence. You can also use recycled paper lanterns in red, white, and blue to illuminate an outdoor space. Perhaps we should make sure to mention that all American flags should be made in America and not made in China and imported over.

The Military Family Potluck

If you just don’t feel like you can handle cooking for that many people on such short notice, ask them to cook for themselves! If you’re a military family, chances are good you know other military families too. Like the church, the military looks out for its own! You probably won’t have any trouble getting guests interested in helping out and your spread will be exciting and varied.. Enlist the help of friends and relatives to collect cups, plates, silverware, chairs, tables, and decorations so you don’t have to provide your own. If you can’t find enough flatware, use biodegradable plastic.


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