Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Bridge, Road, Trail
US 93 (at Arizona-Nevada border)
Boulder City, NV 89005


  • Try to walk all the way to the east, best vantage point of the Hoover Dam. Also, take a minute to stand near the road, you won't feel any car or semi come by.
  • This is definitely the more inexpensive way of visiting the Hoover Dam than paying for the parking fee & tours at the Hoover Dam location itself!
  • When a tractor trailer drives by, use the progress of its shadow to determine your precise location on the bridge.
  • Find the apex of the bridge.
  • Walk across it! Parking area is on the old road to the dam. The view is well worth the hike up the hill. Even in 115F heat.
  • Winner of the Bentley Be Inspired Awards 2011.The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is the centerpiece of the $240m project.Soaring 890' above the Colorado River.Page 30 in awards book..."
  • Walking the bridge is cool! Wear long sleeves or sunscreen.
  • Best view of the Hoover Dam sans helicopter. Worth the walk across.
  • Crossing to AZ side is soooo much quicker now. Can't see the dam from the bridge tho.
  • The best view of the Hoover Dam, worth the walk.
  • It can be very windy on the bridge. Bring a light jacket and leave your hat in the car
  • Nice walk across the bridge. Less than half a mile there and back. Just do it.
  • Vistas fabulosas de la presa Hoovet, para los que nos gustan las obras de ingeniera, es un sitio obligado de conocer...
  • The best dam view around! Bring sunscreen... I just made it back to the car before it got bad. That desert sun is intense!
  • Walk at least halfway to the Nevada-Arizona state lineplaque is on the ground
  • Spectacular view!!! A must go!!!
  • Nice view on the Hoover dam
  • La vista es la presa es espectacular.
  • Great view of the bridge from Hoover Dam

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