Mickey & Friends Tram

Mickey & Friends Parking Structure / Downtown Disney (at Disneyland Resort)
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 781-4636


  • Sometimes walking is faster.
  • These new doors suck
  • Stand behind the yellow line so we can leave
  • For your safety, please remain behind the yellow line... Hahaha!!
  • Jaws and King Kong are the best parts.
  • Watch your head. The roof hurts.
  • Don't bump your head..
  • Driver, your turn is clear!
  • go in the backward seats
  • Park at the Toy Story lot..its faster...
  • New doors because someone fell out
  • check out the new doors
  • Driver, your clurn is tear.
  • Watch your head as you enter and exit the tram. If you do happen to hit your head, watch your language, there are small children around! Have a nice day!
  • Try the grey seats, they're delicious. Don't trust me? Ask the dishes.
  • WALK from Mickey & Friends structure to front gates. There's a nice path. It will likely save you time & it's a lot easier if you have a large stroller/jogger. Trust me. I've done it countless times.
  • Walk far away from the garage, rookie cue up at the first lines first, making the lines further on shorter.
  • Have a tram-tastic day. Have a tram-tastic night. Watch your step as you exit the tram, and everything'll be alright
  • Honk Honk!
  • Make sure you do not cross over the yellow line.

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