Mickey & Friends Parking Structure

1313 Disneyland Dr (at Disneyland Resort)
Anaheim, CA 92802


  • Much better when you have an Annual Pass to park here.
  • There's a restroom here, too, so everyone has "one last chance" before hitting the road!
  • Hidden Mickey on the Daisy level between 3A and 3B
  • Take a picture of the nearest support pole w/a Disney character on it w/your camera to remind you where you parked
  • Premium pass = free parking!! :)
  • Watch the firework show from the top of the parking structure to experience the display in a whole new way. Best viewing location is the stairwell near the escalators.
  • Free parking for Cast Members! ^_^
  • such a convenient parking lot.
  • When driving through yell... I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!
  • Try to park your car INSIDE the lines. You know who you are.
  • Going up the ramp, look to see if both lanes are entering the same level. If they are, try to be in the right lane. If the left lane is going up one level higher, be in the left lane. Closer parking!
  • Hidden Mickey on daisy level 3a near a pillar...if you're into that sort of stuff
  • If you go faster than 14mph you get a beachball to the face.
  • Someone told me that it's the biggest parking lot west of the Mississippi.
  • Remember where you park :-)
  • The cast members are there to guide you to a parking space! Sometimes you'll get close and other times you won't. Either way, don't be an ass about it. You should be expecting to walk all day anyways.
  • "Driver, your turn is clear!". *Beep Beep*
  • Beware of excessive cones
  • please have you parking pass/cash/credit card ready when you pull up and dont ask stupid park questions to the attendant.
  • Remember, the speed limit is 14 mph. Not 13. Not 15. 14 mph.

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