Michelle’s Holiday Party Beach Waves

Michelle’s Holiday Party Beach Waves


As you know, the ladies from LMP love to party. I’ve been making more and more appearances at their studio to not only with Beautini, but also to attend, and we have all been having a blast. On this week’s Beauty with Brittany Lo post, I’m sharing some behind the scenes on the beauty looks for a seasonal LMP shoot!

Seri, Michelle and Abby recently had a New Year’s Eve photo shoot for their Holiday card photos and asked me and my Beautini team to come in and get them photo ready. I brought Natasha with me to their studio, and we got to work.

Michelle asked Natasha for some pretty beach waves in her long, dark hair.  Michelle already has beautiful hair, and she also happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time, so it was extra healthy and glowing. Here’s how to get your own beachy waves:

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