Mexican Food: Traditional Mexican Desserts

Mexican food is always more delicious when you’re finishing off your meal with a traditional Mexican dessert

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Mexican food is one that caters to those with a sweet tooth.

Mexican food is more than just gorditas and mole and similar traditional Mexican recipes. Mexican food also encompasses a world of sweet desserts, some of which you can find at many Mexican restaurants around the States, and come from authentic Mexican recipes.

When you’re out eating Mexican food and you've just devoured a giant burrito, you may find that you want a sweet Mexican dessert. Go for the famous and much-loved churro. The churro is a doughnut-like pastry in the form of a log of fried, sugared dough that is absolutely delicious. Ice pops are a very traditional type of Mexican food, specifically lime flavored ice pops and mango flavored ice pops.

Additionally, in Mexico, you will find that many locals eat fruit sprinkled with a little sugar for a bit of refreshing sweet-tooth satisfaction.

Galletas con Chochitos are another popular type of sweet Mexican food treats that are typically eaten during the holidays. These tiny, ring-shaped butter cookies are typically decorated with sprinkles, and come Christmas, red, white, and green sprinkles make these cookies look like a wreath.

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Mexican chocolate is one of the most famous kinds of Mexican foods, and it is flavored with distinct hints of cinnamon, almond, and vanilla.