Mexican-American Pizza Chain Defends 'Offensive' Word Use

Pizza Patron

Pizza Patron may be in trouble for using a "bad word" as the name of their pizza, but is it good for publicity?

It turns out that the “La Chingona” pizza is now “La Chin-gone” off the radio air-waves. Pizza Patron, The Dallas based pizza chain that caters to Mexican-Americans has been censored after naming their new pizza creation, “La Chingona” which loosely translates to “really cool guy/girl” but can also be an expletive to mean more, “bada$$.”

Now NPR has canceled their segment on La Chingona pizza’s controversy, for fear of retaliation by the Federal Communications Commission. Telemundo 39 KXTX, the local affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, ran a story that censored the name of the pizza, according to Digital Journal.

“The Mexican has a very peculiar sense of humor, and what makes Pizza Patrón connect with your target market is leaving aside stereotypes, the brand speaks the same language as they speak, and we speak,” said Aldo Quevedo, creative director and senior partner of Richards / Lerma, the advertising agency behind the pizza’s campaign, in a statement that was translated through Google Translate.

Edward Padilla, the corporate manager of Pizza Patrón, further defended his company, saying, “Our campaign’s only aim is to connect with the heart of our customers who know who we are and in turn, we know our customer.” Again, this statement was translated through Google Translate.

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La Chingona pizza is a large pepperoni pie with approximately 90 jalapeño-stuffed pepperoni slices.