Metropolitan State University of Denver

Auraria Campus (Colfax and Speer)
Denver, CO 80217


  • Move for other students walking. Don't just stand there in the way..
  • Wifi is the worst at the Plaza and King Center, try the library, or North Classroom!
  • Make sure to enjoy the days here. This is a beautiful campus and a lot of friendly people.
  • Wifi routers are in tivoli, and west. For best wifi reception.
  • Careful of the library. It's become a homeless shelter, unfortunately.
  • Student Government Assembly (Tivoli 307) does parking lottery. Chances of winning are huge! Bring in 10 parking receipts and enter for a chance to win FREE PARKING!!!!
  • get a job! oh... nevermind!
  • The alumni crew is here and ready to assist YOU!
  • Terrible wifi, horrible food, everything is expensive (as expected). But the professors are amazing, and the staff is always willing to help you.
  • So far good professors on campus
  • Amazing school
  • They have wine & beer at Infinitus Pie, $2 PBR. Wifi pretty much sucks everywhere. OK coffee @ the cafe in Cherry Creek/South Building, better @ Dazbog.
  • Here to hear Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
  • study table!
  • Visit the Women's Institute, for fun friendly faces :)

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