MetroLux 14 Theatres

Cineplex, Movie Theater
6085 Sky Pond Dr (Kendall Pkwy. & Cordova Pass Dr.)
Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 593-1881


  • Movie starts about 19 minutes after listed time (due to previews). If you're late, ask at the ticket counter if it's actually started yet.
  • For as new as this theater is it sure does have a nasty smell of funk to it..... peeeeewwwwwww!!!!!
  • Bargin Tuesday only $5 matinee!!
  • They have church here on Sunday mornings. Amen.
  • Apparently asking to add butter in the middle of your popcorn is against house policy. They're more interested in wasting a tray and adding to there carbon footprint. Fucking. Dumb.
  • All of my experiences here have been good. Very happy that they have added deluxe seating. We used to go to Fort Collins for that!
  • We love the new Lux Seating Theaters. You get to stretch out like being at home. Yep! Yep! It's worth it!
  • Wish one could purchase the location where to sit.
  • Cheap movie tickets in a relatively clean theater.
  • Comfy seats
  • in line at the concession cashier. a second opens..start with the people that have been waiting patiently in line? Customer service people!! Take care of the people waiting first
  • Management is seriously lacking here... Customer service training #FAIL #MetroLux #Theater
  • They need online ticket buying in fandango.
  • Movie didn't really fit on the screen in theater 13. Part of it was cut off.
  • Matinee prices still in effect early evening movies too. $6.25 and stadium seating
  • Get out while you still can!!!! Service is horrible and the night crew doesn't know how to respond to a complaint of poor guest expierence!
  • Take the kids to see a movie! Kalyca and Nico love movie nights!!
  • Umm, no cherry coke. :(
  • They need to tint their windows and doors. Lobby is too bright in the day!
  • My favorite movie theater in Northern Colorado. If you don't like regular movie crowds, try going during the day. It's only $6 during the matinee, even new releases. Very clean theaters!