Met Food

131 Driggs Ave (at Russell St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222


  • Come for the fine art, stay for the meat deals.
  • Solid place for basics. Hope they expand their organic produce options beyond just bananas!
  • this store sucks, but they have a nice beer selection.
  • Definitely lowered my meat & fish standards here, but I've grown fond of my deeply uninterested cashiers. Also they sell packs of pierogies near the cheese section. pierogies and sour cream
  • This is the worst grocery store to buy anything of nutritional value. If you can, go anywhere else. #cheeseselectionsuckstoo
  • Master class in unfriendly, 9a - 6p
  • If you're in a pinch and open to greatly compromising your standards, you can get food here. Decent beer selection.
  • Don't buy ice cream from here! They leave it stacked in the aisles for over an hr before they place it in the freezer! I hate this store!
  • Get some white people collards/kale.
  • pierogi's for sale.
  • Beware of the meat section. There is often a strange smell back there. The fresh fruits and veggies are right on usually though.
  • My local supermarket. Pretty good selection. Too bad it smells like cat pee.
  • they have Alpen cereal!

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