Mendenhall Glacier

Scenic Lookout, Trail, Park
Juneau Ranger District, 8510 Mendenhall Loop Road
Juneau, AK 99801


  • Wonderful! Take the trail down to the water! :)
  • If you land on the glacier, grab some ice for your cooler to keep drinks cold at home.
  • Definitely head to the water and drink from the waterfall. It's delicious.
  • Take the Nugget Trail for an easy 40 minute hike directly to the waterfall.
  • East Glacier Trail hike is a must.
  • Beautiful glacier with a lot of trails. If you walk to the west (not on regular trail map) for about 7 miles, you can actually touch the glacier. For regulars, walk to the waterfall, still beautiful
  • Go and enjoy. Lots of hikes and walks. Very beautiful any season.
  • The flight by helicopter was incredible! Take this as a must in your tour.
  • A wonderful and amazing place , if you can, take the tour by walking in the caves.
  • Very beautiful nature at its best
  • Walk to the point for good pictures.
  • Crazy how it has transformed through the years.
  • Passed by it on a cruise. Incredible. And hoping that global warming stops being a jerk.
  • Speechless
  • Prepare for some crowds. The number one tourist destination in Juneau. Hike to Nugget Falls to see the glacier up close.
  • The water fall is a little over a mile! Walk fast or start walking early... so you don't miss the bus back!
  • If you're going to nugget falls make sure you have time to come back and catch your bus.
  • They recommend to bring a friend when hiking the trails, in case of bears. And check out the map to make sure you're going the right way
  • The rangers said if you see a bear, either talk or sing to it to make it go away. TIL bears are introverts.
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