MEN IN BLACK: Alien Attack

Theme Park
World Expo (at Universal Studios)
Orlando, FL 32819


  • This was the only ride I wasnt terrified on. Well, this and The Cat In The Hat Jeannie
  • Shoot the pole at the back of the other car for big points. Red button in front of you for 100k at last alien overhead at end.
  • Try to open the doors in the line area.
  • Don't miss this one! Loads of fun!!
  • Leave your bags don't check them!
  • Remember to shoot the flashing vent on the other car to make them spin around. (They can do the same to you though!)
  • Whatever you do...DON'T push the red button!!!!
  • Always put your carry ons in the locker!
  • Keep holding the trigger down and push the red button at the end of the ride for a 100,000 point bonus.
  • Ask for the "inside" track. Shoot frank the pug, Steven Spielberg, and the guns of the octopus eyeball for point bonuses. Aim for distant aliens. Don't forget the red button.
  • Find Frank the Pug at the crash site and Steven Spielburg at the locksmith. Shoot them both for huge point bonuses!
  • Omg I love this ride especially when it spins you around!!!!
  • If you get dizzy easily, this ride might not be for you... the spin at the end is super crazy!
  • 351200 yay
  • Don't push the red button until he says to! But when it tells you to hit the red button, be the first in the car to do it and gain megga points!
  • Get the suit.
  • Shoot everything
  • Shoot for the small alliens towards the cealling for bigger point values
  • Called 'Men in Black: Alien Attack'. The trick to get a high score is to keep shooting at the *head* until your phaser lights up green. Some aliens can take 10 shots. No green light == no point.
  • Bem fraco, para os padres dos parques de Orlando. Passeio light.

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