Media Mix: Dangerous Cup Noodles; Restaurants for Obese Diners; and an FDA-Approved Hangover Cure

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Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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Josh Ozersky Writes How to Feed "the Fat and Anxious":
In a dark essay, Ozersky writes that restaurants for obese diners should be "cold, too cold for thin people," and servers should be "fat in a nonthreatening way." [Gastronimica]

Instant Soup Gets Burned: NPR talks to burn doctors who claim that instant noodle soup is the perfect lethal combination for burns: The styrofoam cups are more prone to tipping and spilling hot water onto kids. Furthermore, "the sticky noodles cling to the skin, which leads to deeper, more severe burns." Ouch. [NPR]

FDA Approves Hangover Pill: A new over-the-counter pill called "Blowfish" claims to cure hangovers in 15 minutes. It's basically aspirin, caffeine, and a stomach calmer. [Newser]

Sassy Wine Labels Are Hot: Shock value still works, as shown by wines with the word "b*tch" in the name popping up on store shelves (and selling fast). [NY Times]

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