Media Mix: Cocoa Coffee; the V-Word; and Mickey D's TV

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We've rounded up the weekend headlines you may have missed
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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Cocoa Brewed Like Coffee: Roasted and milled cocoa beans can be ground and brewed the same way as coffee, providing that caffeine fix plus the health benefits of dark chocolate. [Specialty Foods]

Chocolate Cake and Cinnamon Rolls Block Highway: A car accident in Illinois caused frozen chocolate cake and cinnamon rolls to scatter over a highway, closing down the interstate for more than six hours. [PJ Star]

Vegan Bakeries Go Undercover: Apparently Middle America doesn't like the "vegan" label, with BabyCakes NYC and other large bakeries removing "vegan" from their brand names to generate more customers. [WSJ]

McDonald's Launches Own TV Network: The McDonald's Channel will soon play in some 800 California outlets, making subliminal advertising that much easier. [Crain's]

Would You Like Needles with Your Burger?: One man was hospitalized after finding a needle in his Burger King meal. He ordered a Triple Stacker burger. [AP]

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