Media Mix: Batali May Cut Ponytail; Customer Breaks Waiter's Finger; and Tropicana Sued

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Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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Batali Will Cut Hair for $500,000: The celebrity chef says he'll chop off his ponytail if the Mario Batali Foundation receives $500,000 to put towards children's education and health. No word on what's happening with the crocs. [HuffPo]

Irate Customer Breaks Waiter's Finger: In a Palm Beach, Fla., restaurant, when a waiter brought the check at the request of a woman, her date began ranting, called the waiter a "schmuck," and squeezed the waiter's left hand until his ring finger broke. [Palm Beach Daily News]

Tropicana Sued for "Natural" Claim: A California woman is suing the juice company over their claim that their orange juice is "100 percent pure and natural," given the extensive process the juice goes through to make it shelf-ready. [Food Navigator]

American Chef May Have Caused Profane Sale: An American chef may be the cause of the word "f*ck" popping up on children's shirts and advertisements in Japan, all because of his "f*ckin fresh" lemonade. [Gawker]

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