Meal Debate: Is Linner the New Brunch?


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Actually, spreading out your meals and eating at intervals has been proven to be the most efficient way to lose weight. When you spread what you eat throughout the day, your metabolism will keep you feeling full longer. According to this article, if you go for more than four hours without eating something you’ll most likely overcompensate during meal times and end up regretting it later.

You may think snacking here and there isn’t the best way to get that six pack, but weight loss experts say that eating mini meals, preferably four to six times a day, helps to improve a bundle of things: it lowers cholesterol, raises energy levels and helps to keep your muscle mass at optimal weight.


In terms of money, eating a mini meal in the later afternoon isn’t as damaging to your college funds as you may fear. It’s called happy hour, people. We all know what it is: the two magic words that essentially offer discounts on alcoholic drinks. But nowadays, the happy hour sensation is branching out and you can find yourself something delicious to eat at a reasonably cheaper price than you’d be paying during normal meal times.

Linner vs. Brunch

Linner is for anyone really, but it caters to a crowd with weird hours. Maybe you’re interning this summer and can’t make it through the end of the workday without feeling starved. Maybe you’ve had summer classes all morning and only get out around 3 or 4 pm. Or it could be that you’re just plain hungry. Whatever the occasion, linner may just be your meal if you prefer a more quiet and peaceful dining experience without much noise or the family with three kids next to you throwing food around the table. If anyone is around New York for the summer, hit up these few spots that these ladies have tried and treat yourself to a little late afternoon feast.

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Despite all this talk about linner, it would be unfair and unjust to dismiss brunch just like that. If you’re still deciding who is the winner in this food debate, check out this article that argues in favor of why brunch is hands down the best meal of the day.

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