McQ Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 Video Takes Us Down the Rabbit Hole


Sometimes fashion videos can take you on a magical journey that make you want to buy everything and anything from the collection, other times it’s just an artistic trip that makes us feel like we’ve been down the rabbit hole and back—the McQ Alexander McQueen video for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection is so the latter. While we’re pretty used to crazy, dark imagery from McQueen, this campaign seems like a drug-fueled fashion romp through an abandoned warehouse—and we kind of love it. The twisted music that sounds like a Nine Inch Nails remix sets a great backdrop for the superimposed video featuring model April Tiplady, while she struts her stuff over and back, upwards and down. Sure, we can’t see a lot of the collection and what we can see isn’t crystal clear, but it looks like there are some seriously awesome colors coming this spring. Navy and berry tones on graphic prints and polka dots, and bright graphic oranges, look edgy and lady-like all at the same time—and really isn’t that what we’re always after?