McDonald's to Release Pretzel Burger in Germany

It'll be called the 'Pretzelnator,' naturally

McDonald's New 'Pretzelnator'

In another case of foreign McDonald's envy, the fast-food chain in Germany has announced their plan to release five crowd-sourced creations, one a week until May 30.

The first, which debuted last week, was called the "Pretzelnator," with American and Italian cheese and ham on a hefty pretzel bun.

Then there's a breaded chicken sandwich with mozzarella and ham on ciabatta, and also a triple-patty, barbecue sauce, and bacon concoction, followed by a double-patty burger with chorizo sausage, curry chili, and jalapeños. They're also debuting an "Asian salad mix," the New York Daily News reports, but who goes to McDonald's for a salad?

In the meantime, we're still stuck with limited-release McRibs.