McDonald's Japan Recruits New Employees with Viral Dancing McCrew

Apparently, Japan is trying to sell working at McDonald's as one big dance party

If only working in the real world was like this: To recruit more excitable employees, McDonald's Japan has launched a series of commercials, selling the opportunity to work at McDonald's, rather than just eat there.

The "Dancing McCrew" commercials basically take every aspect of the McDonald's assembly line and turn it into a specific, energetic dance move (Making drinks! Washing hands! Assembling hamburgers!).

Brand Channel notes that McDonald's Japan may be hoping to hire better employees in order to boost sales, but we just want the Dancing McCrew to come do a flash mob New York sometime soon. Because really, who doesn't want these two goofs "making french fries" around town? We wish we could've pulled these stunts in our old high school fast-food jobs.

Watch the first video below, as the Dancing McCrew spazzes out around the kitchens of a McDonald's while the other employees are all like, "Just let me work, guys." Watch the second for a breakdown of all the dance moves (our favorite: making fries).