Fast Food
130 W Spruce Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260
(609) 522-1011



  • Terrible service didn't get all my order then they wanted to argue with me about it and wanted to see my reciept Tap again to save
  • Watch out for the sprinkler system they attack :-
  • They have the best sweet tea!
  • My girl is recovering from pnuemonia and they kicked her out assuming she was drunk NOT COOL IN THE LEAST ESP when explained.
  • Don't cut your hot cakes too hard; they're served on a styrofoam plate. How they thought that was a smart idea is beyond me.
  • Don't order anything with eggs at any McDonalds. No matter how they prepare it, it always looks like rubbery, plastic crap.
  • Food sucked even for mc Donalds food
  • This place sucked