Row 1

1504 Turner McCall Blvd SW
Rome, GA 30161
(706) 235-6445

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Foursquare Tips

  • Don't be in hurry and don't expect great customer service. Good luck with getting hot fresh food.
  • Hmmm. Twenty minutes in drive thru and still counting. Ridiculous.
  • Baccon, egg, and cheese!!!
  • Please don't be in a hurry or want fresh fries!!!!
  • The 4th lane on drive thru side parking, can pick up wifi
  • There's NO way that this place should have more than a .01 for the rating. They have the WORST service of any place, food or otherwise, I have ever been. Horrendous
  • "Write a Tip?" Ok...Hire people that actually want to make Your order RIGHT! Horrendous Service.
  • Fucking slow ass service at any time of the day. Would not recommend this location!
  • Very slow service, food is hot not very fresh took forever to take order, floors are dirty and most tables dirty as well. I think some retraining is in order.
  • Awful, slow service in a dirty restaurant. Not worth your time.
  • Slowest place ever drive thru and eww
  • I WILL NOT EVER go during the lunch-breakfast turnover period.... There are just SOME THINGS you don't need to hear or see from people making your order...
  • Don't go on third shift they suck their food is always old at night and the managers are fuckin rude! I Refuse to eat there
  • Definitely the slowest McDonalds I've ever been to.
  • We got two lanes.pancakes r the sweet tea.
  • Mocha frap's are the best!